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Butterflies on batting

Using a lovely soft wool batting,learn how to apply a thin wash of acrylic paint, and then crosshatch stitch over snippets of chiffon. Tissue butterflies will be added to finalise a truly delicate piece.


Forage & Felt
achieve a beautiful, muted colour
palette by using wool from the scured Wensleydale sheep and a mixed coloured Jacob fleece. A truly natural day by wet felting & layering foraged seed heads, grasses and fallen leaves.

A wide eyed needle and some boucle yarn for some relaxing hand stitching in the

afternoon will finish off your piece.

Stencil & Stitch
Indian Khadi paper, and Nepalese

Lokta paper will be our background or this design led day.

We will experiment with lots of surface pattern ideas but use only natural resources. Machine stitch motifs such as birds, washi tape paper designs will give this day a clever and inventive twist. Bring an open mind for this one!

Banana paper Grids
A layering technique with the natural
tones and textures highlighted by bold

husks of the banana paper. Each sheet is unique, and we will use pressed flowers and leaves to finish off a delicately embroidered piece.

A miniature wall hanging will be your final piece.

Eco-Dye with a difference

Learn how to combine colours drawn from the earth and sky during this two day workshop. We will be dyeing fabrics with all sorts of wonderful natural materials and then soluble stitching a woodland scene.The Norfolk landscape is rich in

inspiration, it's here for the taking and all around us.



Rust & Recreate 

Use key techniques and experiment with alternative methods to create either a sample day portfolio or a collection of silk pieces for further exploration.

Develop your own creativity at a personal level and gain a unique insight into Caroline’s innovative approach to rust dyeing.


Day workshops run from 10-4pm
I teach a maximum of ten. Fee for a day group workshop is £160.00 plus a £3.50 per head charge for materials.  Home studio days is £45 per head. I teach a maximum of four and your fee includes a light lunch. Materials are £5. Gift vouchers are available on request and start at £15.00.